"I was amazed by the wonderful eye for creativity, fashion, decor and ease of working with active babies and toddlers! A terrific photographer, very sweet to work with and a huge passion for children. What a fantastic ability to capture loving smiles, children's work, the dynamic between twins and when it's two babies it's double the chaos. But the work was amazing and in love with the prompt delivery of the pictures. No one wants to wait. It warmed our families heart to see the pictures and brought on such joy. Thank you"- Marisa C.

"Oksana is truly amazing and she knows what she is doing! Especially her patience and people skills as a photographer has made it a very pleasant and great experience for us. As a first birthday present for my nephew, I wanted to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of him. I asked around among my friends and was recommended by a friend about Da Vinci Photoghaphy and I am still very happy I listened to my friend to call Da Vinci Photagraphy and worked with Oksana. She was extremely patient and really knows how to take great pictures; especially, she was amazing with my nephew. If youre looking for a photographer, for any occasion, I strongly recommend you talk to Oksana at Da Vinci Photagraphy." - Khiet V.

"She is an amazing photographer! Our friends were very happy with the experience and recommended Oksana when we been looking for a newborn photographer. We are very happy with pictures! She is a real talent! Very excited for a future photoshoots with her as our daughter growing up so fast! :) " - Chris B.

"One of the best and talented photographers I met so far! Her pictures so inspiring! She has a great and positive energy which helps to make people in front of the camera very comfortable and smile naturally! Always following her work and new photoshoots! Highly recommend to everyone!" - Samantha J.