Why I started my photography business

It is now official, I finally started my photography business! I now have everything needed, to make business run smooth and easy.  However, creating my own website was a bit of a challenge since I don’t have any programming skills; but I really wanted to make it myself. I figured I might as well learn now, since I plan on maintaining it on my own! I wanted to make it unique, and use my own vision for my site.

      I strongly believe, if you want something really bad and wish for it with all your heart, the whole world is going to help you. Working a 9-6 job 5 days a week is good and stable, but I always had a feeling inside of me that I can do more; and I want to do something bigger. As a professional photographer, you are able to choose your own schedule, your own style, you are your own boss, and no matter how late you work or how many hours you spend editing your work, you are always inspired. The world we live in is so unique and beautiful- but by being busy with our living sometimes it is hard to notice the beautiful things around us. I want to help people notice the small beautiful things in life, which is what really matters. A good photograph can remind us of the emotions of that moment, and bring back unforgettable memories. A child's laugh, a bride’s tears of happiness, a family reunion, true love, or even a wedding dance. There are so many moments around us we want to remember forever. For me, being a photographer is a gift, to be able to capture all important moments in people’s lives.

   Many of you are probably wondering why I decided to choose the name as Da Vinci Photography. Well, I had a lot of different ideas for the name, which delayed the process of starting my own business for almost two years! It was definitely one of the most important things for me personally, to have a business name I really love, since I will use it for years to come.

In regards to art, my favorite painter of all times is Leonardo da Vinci. I have always been inspired by his paintings and amazing art. So that's when Da Vinci Photography came to mind, and I no longer had any doubts about the name. 

Please continue to check out my page, as I will be adding more posts, as well as educational info! Enjoy!